Israel Attack On Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel police clash Al Aqsa Mosque

The attack on Al Aqsa Mosque, where Muslims were praying night prayer which included children, women, men, old ages, youngsters, was already predicted by Dr. Israar Ahmed about 25 years ago. (The prediction of Dr. Israar Ahmed-Dated 1995)

In a speech, once Dr. Israar Ahmed predicted that Israel would attack Al Aqsa Mosque. He narrated that:

The world of Arab within the world of Islam has gone into their grips !

He predicted that they are standing in the line to accept Israel's state and bow to them. Anyway, he asked to note that the world of Arab has gone. It is a matter of few days, he said he didn’t want to create any suspense.

However, closing the eyes to the events and happenings is not a wise thing

He said the mosque of Ayodhya has been demolished. Recently, a huge grave has been demolished and many mosques along with it. He asked, what is all this! — — — — The pulse of Muslims is being checked!

Is anything of dignity or importance is remaining in Muslims? He pronounces the Poem of Iqbal, a few lines were:

How cruel, tyrant and vindictive the Ruhilah was
He blinded the Mughal Emperor with the point of his dagger

The tyrant ordered members of the royal household to dance
This tyranny was no less than the Judgment Day’s signal

For the delicate ladies of the royal household it was
Utterly impossible to comply with this shameless order

Ah! The merciless one made them the means of pleasure
Whose beauty had been veiled from sun’s, moon’s and stars

The feeble hearts were throbbing, the feet were forced to move
A river of blood was flowing from the wet eyes of the princesses

For some time his eyes remained thus absorbed in seeing
In confusion he freed his head from the load of Mighfar

He untied the deadly, fire‐spitting sword from the waist
Whose sharpness was a source of luminescence to the stars

He put the dagger in front, and lied down in some thought
Sleep was demanding rest from the red eyes so to say….

He predicted that in the same way, the mosque of Ayodhya and now Charar-i-Sharief. And it is a matter of a few days that the number of Al Aqsa will come.

He said that all the preparations for that have already been completed. The jews are trying to grip all over it. To the level that Yasir Arafat has also talked something about protesting. Even though, till now he was accepting everything. However, there comes finally a time when he is also forced to say something. However, the jews are not willing to step backward.

Their third temple — The third construction of the Temple of Solomon will have to happen. As they consider this Temple is the same thing as the Kaba is for Muslims. For them, the temple of Solomon has the same importance as the Kaba for Muslims. This Temple was once destroyed by Nabuk e Nazar. And then, in 70 AD it was destroyed by king Tytus. From 70 AD till now how many years have passed?

People praying outside the Temple Solomon

For 1970 years, their Kaba has remained leveled to the ground now. Till yesterday, they had no power, but they have the power now! Now they have the government. Now even if they have Shah Hassan or Shah Hussain they are their servants or not? Now the power is there, the Govt is there, the rule is there, so why should they have fear for anyone?

Unjust Israel

Therefore, it is a matter of few days that Al Aqsa mosque will be destroyed and the construction of the Temple will be start. He narrated that: This is anyway one map the next map I want to tell you that there is another picture to it. This picture is earthly and one picture is from the Sky. He Qouted from Quran (3:54)

“Wa makaru wa makarAllah, WAllahu khairul Makireen”

They (Islam’s enemies) plan and He (Allah) also plans; and He is the best of planners. (Quran Al-Imran:54)

Therefore, the plots of jews failed at that time also. It is clear that.

wa qul jaa-al Haq-qu wa zahaqal baaTil* in-nal baaTila kaana zahuuqaa

‘And say: Truth has arrived and falsehood has perished as certainly falsehood by its nature is bound to perish.’ Quran(17:81)

Therefore both of these ayahs are announcing that plots of falsehood will finally fail. And the religion of Haq will prevail. This is evident from the Quran.

This is no time for idle rest, Much yet remains undone;
The lamp of tawhid needs your touch to make it shame the sun!
-Dr.Allama Iqbal

And now it all happened, all predictions by Dr.Israar have proved. On May 10 2021 Israeli police attacked the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem and rush the Palestinians. They were praying at the time of rush. it is a very heart-rending scene for all the Muslim Ummah and humanity. Israel did very unlawful and humiliating behavior. Shame on Israel and those who keep silent!

Israel attack on Muslims at Al Aqsa Masjid

May Allah ease the pain and suffering of our Palestinian brothers and sisters. May Allah Humiliate the transgressors of Palestine. AMEEN


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