Muslims Love Palestine because the love for Palestine is natural for Muslims. Some reasons behind their Love for Muslims are:

01: This Palestine has been the abode and land of the Prophets.

02: Hazrat Ibrahim (as) migrated to Palestine.

03: God Almighty saved Lot from the torment that had befallen…

Israel police clash Al Aqsa Mosque

The attack on Al Aqsa Mosque, where Muslims were praying night prayer which included children, women, men, old ages, youngsters, was already predicted by Dr. Israar Ahmed about 25 years ago. (The prediction of Dr. Israar Ahmed-Dated 1995)

In a speech, once Dr. Israar Ahmed predicted that Israel would attack…

Amazing facts about Cherries, Cherry is a gorgeous stone fruit with pure and Glossy Red color. Cherries have lots of benefits.

Here I will discuss how cherries prevent us from health issues or diseases and what role it plays for our immune system and also how ​cherries prevent us from…

I had gone through this ….it was the worst part of My life which I expressed in some Poetic lines ;( FEEL THE PAIN…

A candy floss twisted around spines

Devil inside the eye of love

Fluffy is clueless happening in the shines

Enjoy sings ignoring the cry of the…

Malaika Ch


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