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Can You relate it with reality? Close to…

Want to die?!!!….. No, don’t disappear, don’t lose hope for … Remember one thing always that you are not alone! ALLAH is always with us.

Before I get into the topic I want to clear some things. Some of the things that can make us disappear along the path of Allah. Look when you find a situation that you don’t like when you find something that you want to change. Before you can fix any problem you have to diagnose it properly.

To diagnose a problem, however, you have to have the proper sight and in this case, I am…

Muslims Love Palestine because the love for Palestine is natural for Muslims. Some reasons behind their Love for Muslims are:

01: This Palestine has been the abode and land of the Prophets.

02: Hazrat Ibrahim (as) migrated to Palestine.

03: God Almighty saved Lot from the torment that had befallen his people in that place.

04: Hazrat Dawood (PBUH) settled on this land and also built his mihrab here.

05: Hazrat Sulaiman Alayh used to sit in this country and rule over the whole world.

06: The famous story of an ant in which an ant said to the rest…

Israel police clash Al Aqsa Mosque

The attack on Al Aqsa Mosque, where Muslims were praying night prayer which included children, women, men, old ages, youngsters, was already predicted by Dr. Israar Ahmed about 25 years ago. (The prediction of Dr. Israar Ahmed-Dated 1995)

In a speech, once Dr. Israar Ahmed predicted that Israel would attack Al Aqsa Mosque. He narrated that:

Amazing facts about Cherries, Cherry is a gorgeous stone fruit with pure and Glossy Red color. Cherries have lots of benefits.

Here I will discuss how cherries prevent us from health issues or diseases and what role it plays for our immune system and also how ​cherries prevent us from cancer.

1.Rich in High fibers:

​Cherries are highly rich in fibers. Can you imagine how many fibers in one cup of cherries?……

It’s an amazing fact that​ 1 cup of cherries has 300 grams of rich fibers​.

That’s amazing. High fibers mean food can be digested very well, it’s grateful for the digestive tract…

I had gone through this ….it was the worst part of My life which I expressed in some Poetic lines ;( FEEL THE PAIN…

A candy floss twisted around spines

Devil inside the eye of love

Fluffy is clueless happening in the shines

Enjoy sings ignoring the cry of the dove

Vales are quit only sobs

Timid hands are empty the impious robes

Feeble soul with the innocent cry

Whispering…. Please! A single try

Escape us out from the monsters

Everyone cast aside closing their shutters

Between the devil and the deep sea

Tears dry eyes towards the sky under…

“Drug addiction is also called dependence syndrome; it is a condition in which a person feels a heavy need to take drugs to feel better.”

Drug addiction is still a mystery. What does addiction mean by addiction?it all starts with the brain? Yes, it all starts with our brain thoughts. Our brain releases a chemical that makes us feel good. The chemicals which the brain produces that make us feel good are called Neurotransmitters.

Our brain produces hundreds of neurotransmitters. When a person comes to an addiction the most produced neurotransmitter is called Dopamine.

When dopamine is released in our…

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